Prepare Your Tulsa Swimming Pool for Summer

tulsa pool buildersIt’s almost summertime in Tulsa! Swimming is a favorite summer pastime for many Tulsa residents, especially kids, and many will be asking to get in the pool before school even lets out for the summer. Before it gets too hot out, make sure your Tulsa pool is clean and ready for all the fun that summer brings with these few tips.

Blow away any leaves or other debris and any water that may have landed on top of the pool cover or that may be around the pool. Then, you will need to remove and clean the pool cover before you put it away in storage. After cleaning the pool cover, it’s good to let it dry completely before storing it.

Clean out any debris and dirt in the pool itself with a cleaner designed for pools to prevent mold from growing or staining the pool.

Check the ladders, steps, diving board, etc. to make sure they are completely safe. Make sure the patio or deck around your pool is also safe and well-maintained.

When adding more water to the pool, make sure there is enough water for the pump to function properly. The water needs to be in the middle of the skimmer opening for the pump to work correctly, noted.

tulsa pool designsCheck the circulation system and make sure the pump and all its components are clean and working properly. recommends allowing the system to run for 8 to 12 hours.

Then you will need to check the pH levels of the water by getting a water sample at least 18 inches below the surface away from the pump inlet, the website also noted. From this test you can see what chemicals need to be added depending on your type of pool.

Now that your Tulsa swimming pool is clean, you’re ready to make sure your pool area is ready for entertaining. Is there adequate seating and dining space near the pool? New waterproof outdoor furniture can really spruce up your outdoor environment.

Installing outdoor lighting around the pool area can help make your Tulsa outdoor living space more inviting and allow you to enjoy it for a longer period of time. Lighting fixtures installed around the pool will also help to ensure everyone can safely navigate around the pool at night. Fun outdoor lanterns can create a charming atmosphere for evening entertaining.

Call the Tulsa pool builders at Oklahoma Landscape for more information on pool designs, maintenance, and cleaning. Get the summer pool fun started with these simple reminders to help you have a safe and enjoyable summer.

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