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The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

tulsa landscape lightingOutdoor lighting describes half a dozen styles of lights that both increase the value of your home and offer beauty, safety, and security as well. If you’re looking to increase functionality in your outdoor space, lighting is a simple addition and can be done with artistry and purpose.

Show off your beautiful trees!

Highlighting your well-planned landscape design is easily done with a few well-placed accent lights. For many of us, we’ve worked hard to protect and nurture our landscaping trees like Japanese maple, blue ice cypress, or even a particularly beautiful crepe myrtle. An accent light shows off these gorgeous landscaping trees with ease.

Seasonal changes and landscape lighting

Long, cold winter nights might make your front and back yards seem drab and useless, but Outdoor lighting makes everything lovely again on winter evenings.

On the other side, late summer nights keep us out late into the deep dusk where trips and falls are more likely to happen. But outdoor lighting changes all that. When the sun goes down, the lights pop on, and those dark places in your yard are no longer a fall hazard. Instead, you can see that those shadows are really a garden gnome and a water feature!

Highlight your home

Don’t underestimate the value of exterior lights aimed at featuring your home! When the sun begins to fade each day, having exterior lighting adds a glow to your home and provides a welcoming atmosphere to the neighborhood. And when you light up your home using outdoor motion sensor lighting, it increases safety and security late at night.

Careful lighting design is balanced, working into a unified plan the tone and effect you want for your entire nighttime landscape. We work with you to be sure your lighting design brings to light the exterior of your home and extends visual depth with landscape lighting in shrubs and trees – offering curb appeal beyond sundown.

Our landscape lighting design experts create a lighting design for you that offers functionality and beauty, so you and your family may find yourself outside any time of the day or night.

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