Outdoor Fireplace, Time to Curl Up by the Fire

Outdoor fireplace Tulsa

October is here, and so is football, hockey, and everything pumpkin spice. While the weather is starting to cool down, that doesn’t mean your outdoor fun has to stop. You have a great outdoor patio setup, maybe even an awesome outdoor kitchen. What’s the one thing missing to keep the party going? That would be an outdoor fireplace Tulsa.

In Oklahoma, we know that the weather is temperamental this time of year. We’ll be in shorts and sandals one day and sweaters and boots the next. That’s why an outdoor fireplace is a great addition to your Tulsa backyard. It’s a great way to stay outside while Mother Nature decides what season we’re in.

We all love having a fire going inside when it’s snowing in the winter. With an outdoor fireplace, you won’t have to wait until December. You’ll be able to have that cozy, relaxing feeling while carving jack-o-lanterns and enjoying that pumpkin spice latte.

What better way to have a little fun than cooking outside? With an outdoor fireplace, you’ll be able to make s’mores and roast hotdogs, all while not having the added stress of an open fire in the middle of your Tulsa yard. You can throw a whole party with the center of it being your new outdoor fireplace. Think s’mores bar; the creativity is endless.

We know an outdoor fireplace Tulsa is a big decision for you. At Oklahoma Landscape, we can help. It’s hard to make the decisions from size to location. Let’s not forget what materials to choose. It’s those details that make your outdoor fireplace Tulsa as unique as you are.

We want to help make your backyard and outdoor fireplace Tulsa truly your place, with your style in mind. We’re not going to hand you a cookie cutter outdoor fireplace and call it done. We’re going to make sure it matches your landscaping and outdoor kitchen. We’ll make sure it’s the right size and in the right place, so it functional for you and your family. We’ll help you pick the materials that look best and last for years.

At Oklahoma Landscape, we want to take the worrying and the work out of it for you, so you can spend this fall growing closer to your family and friends. So sit back, watch the game, and enjoy that drink, whether it’s pumpkin spice or not.

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