Holiday Pool Safety in Oklahoma

Everyone’s favorite summer holiday, the Fourth of July, is coming! A whole day dedicated to fun, freedom and celebration with friends and family. Cookouts, fireworks, pool parties– all the best things in summer!

Hosting or attending a pool party for the 4th, is a great way to celebrate Independence Day. While you are having fun and keeping cool, it’s also important to practice pool safety.

Although it is rare, drownings do occur at home pools; an average of 200 drownings occur annually. So, as you have fun poolside this summer, keep in mind the following pool safety tips for a safer swimming experience.

Here are our Top Tips for Summer Pool Safety:
1. Post  and Follow the Pool Rules

Basic pool rules include: No running, no diving, no swimming alone, and no electronics.

2. Actively survey children

It is everyone’s responsibility to carefully watch all children.  Toddlers and young children should be within arm’s reach or “touch supervision.”

3. Utilize safety gear

Safety gear can include pool security fencing, locking pool and spa covers, door and pool alarms.

4. Be Prepared for Emergencies

Keep a First Aid kit on the pool deck and make sure that you have appropriate CPR training.

With these tips, you will have a fun and safe summer pool experience!

Share these Safety Tips!
Share these Safety Tips!

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For more information on pool safety, we recommend:
Red Cross

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