“Oklahoma Landscape Listens to Their Customers!”

“Oklahoma Landscape does a really good job of understanding what the customer has in their vision. We didn’t lose any of our existing trees due to construction. We wanted to keep the natural look.” – Bill Billeau

The Billieau home is nestled in the trees on a small but comfortable lot. The family really wanted to have a better place to enjoy the great outdoors together in their outdoor space. Even with a pool, the options seemed daunting, so they called Oklahoma Landscape for help coming up with a plan.

Developing the Ideal Landscaping Plan

Our team came out to listen to them, see what they would be working with, and develop a plan of action. Their goal was to take a backyard with a pool to a relaxing oasis where they could cook outside, listen to the waterfall, enjoy a movie with friends and stay comfortable no matter the weather.

One important concern was that the backyard would lose its natural look and take on a sculptured appearance. Throughout the process, not a single tree was lost. Everything the Billieau family had in their vision became a reality they are very pleased with. In fact, they continue to work with us at Oklahoma Landscape to add more features and small projects to their outdoor space.

Tulsa Outdoor Spaces

Our homes have become even more important to us in recent days, and most have us have begun to spend more time in our backyards with friends and family. At Oklahoma Landscape, our skilled designers will come out to your home to get an idea of what’s possible. We help you design your ideal outdoor space and make a plan with your exact needs and specifications. Our professional staff will craft a personalized estimate for the look you want that works with your budget!

Let our team turn your vision into reality, increase property value, and give you a welcoming outdoor space you can share with friends and family. Feel free to check out our Google Reviews or our award of Best Landscaping Company in Oklahoma Magazine’s “Best of the Best in Tulsa” for 2021.

Call Oklahoma Landscape at (918) 299-LAWN to schedule an estimate today!

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