Oklahoma Landscape Donates Services to Outdoor Living Tulsa Classroom

Oklahoma Landscape Donates Services to Outdoor Living Tulsa Classroom

A special post from Oklahoma Landscape owner, Aaron Wiltshire:

In the 30 years that Oklahoma Landscape has been in existence, we have had the opportunity to help with various local, Tulsa-area outdoor living and landscape projects. We’ve been privileged to help an Eagle Scout with his Eagle project, create a nice entry landscape for local church, and assist with landscape development for a women’s recovery shelter. We feel truly blessed to be able to help when we are called on in different ways

One project were able to be involved with recently is called “Flycatcher Trail.” This was a project for the Jenks 9th grade Center and was conceived by Todd Humphrey, one of the 9th grade teachers. Todd has a love for nature, birds, natural environments, plants, and of course, kids!

The Jenks school system had recently purchased a vacant lot next to the 9th grade Center and the idea was to develop this “blank slate” into an interactive, “living classroom”. Todd needed help conceptualizing and designing the space so Oklahoma Landscape, with the help of the landscape architect, Paul Strickland, jumped in with both feet to see if we could we could all come up with.

After a few design alterations, we had a plan.

The project goals were to build a large water feature with a cascading fountain, plant native trees interrupts, install an automatic sprinkling system, construct chimney swift towers, a garden shed structure, a stone entry with pergola and natural walking path that takes guests around the entire space. Everything included made this a very lofty project to tackle.

Fortunately, many people jumped in alongside Oklahoma Landscape to help breathe life into the space. The Tulsa Audubon Society provide a very generous grant to help cover the cost of some of the materials; Boxer Fence Company installed the fencing free of any charges; Cedar Concepts built the entry structure and Pergola; Hardscape Materials donated decompose granite and other stone products.

This would have been a very difficult to achieve without all the donations of time, money and materials.

The project is finished and looking awesome! Check out all of the construction photos at the Audubon’s dedicated site: here!

Flycatcher Trail is an outdoor, living classroom where teachers and others can demonstrate the value of conservation, how to raise and care for birds, plant care in identification and much more.

Flycatcher Trail will be a lasting treasure for the Jenks school system for many years to come and we at Oklahoma Landscape are grateful to have been a part of making it happen!


If you would interested in working with us for design or construction on an Outdoor Living space in Tulsa or the surrounding area, we would love to hear from you! You can call us at 918-299- LAWN (5266) or Contact Us online!

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