Merry & Bright: Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Keeping spirits bright means one thing on Halloween and another on Christmas Eve. But what about the rest of the winter when the early sunsets cause dark shadows to emerge around your backyard?

Lighting up your landscape

Adding a border of LED lights can serve two purposes: to keep you from stumbling along the path and to create a pretty nighttime outline in your front yard.

And so it goes with all landscape lighting. Two purposes are served: security and aesthetics. Brighten your home every evening with well-placed security lights and bring seasonal joy to your family and friends with Christmas lights too!

Lighting up the season!

Our sister company, Lawn Guard, will install exterior holiday lighting to bring in the good cheer this year. We can also digitally design your home’s lighting décor, so you can enjoy the holiday season without the hassle of putting the lights up yourself!

Schedule now and we will come and take it down after the holidays too!
Call us at (918) 299-LAWN to claim an appointment – we are filling up quickly, so call today to secure your spot!

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