Landscaping Project: Shady Backyard Retreat

The Problem Backyard

Our clients wanted a backyard they could enjoy, but the layout of their yard made that impossible. Their deck was much too small for their furniture and grill, and their yard flooded regularly with runoff from the neighbor’s yard.

None of that made for a very good outdoor experience.

Creating the perfect outdoor space

When they came to us, our goal was to rework their existing footprint into a welcoming, comfortable, beautiful, and, of course, functional outdoor living space.

One of the biggest things we did was to extend their current patio outward with Belgard pavers, giving them a wide open space with plenty of room for seating, entertaining, and their outdoor kitchen.

A pizza oven enters the picture

Since these clients have a pizza oven, we custom-built a multi-use top that was lowered just enough in the center to put the opening of the oven at the correct height, while the counters on either side are normal counter height. Plus, there’s space below on either side of the pizza oven for wood storage.

Storage and drainage solutions

We also built a new garden shed to give them plenty of outdoor storage space.

In order to deal with the water runoff from their neighbor’s yard, we built a functional dry creek bed, which not only looks good, but directs water away from our client’s home, solving the flooding issue they were struggling with.

Once we were finished, our clients had a spectacular shady backyard retreat they could use throughout the year.

Does your backyard need a full-fledged makeover?

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