Inspiring and Practical Tulsa Pool Design Tips


A water feature in a Tulsa PoolWith summer just around the corner, have you been thinking about plunging into the refreshing waters of a brand new pool ? Here are a few tips to get you started thinking about some practical and aesthetic design elements of your pool!

Consider Your Outdoor Environment

Before you even start day dreaming about the look of your amazing new pool, take some time to consider the opportunities and limitations of your space. Actually go outside and take a walk around your backyard; what do you see? Where does the light fall? Are there any major trees or landscaping to work around? Use the natural environment around your pool to your advantage. Take into consideration where trees will provide shade and where the water might receive direct sunlight. This can help you either use less energy for heating or cooling your pool.

How do you imagine interacting with friends and family around the pool, and what kind of patio or decking do you want? A good pool design is so much more than just a body of water, it’s a social gathering place that lets you expand your living space into the outdoors. Elements like patio space for relaxing, dining, or cooking are key to completing the summer experience.

A pool in Tulsa with a shallow wading areaConsider the style of your home. A pool and entertaining space should be an extension of your home. An easy way to do this is to incorporate some of the same structural elements of your home into the design of your pool. Such as the same tile pavers, wood, stone or brick used in your home and outdoor living space.Remember that Oklahoma Landscapes Tulsa pool designers are always here to help talk you through the process and identify how to work with the unique requirements of your yard.

Make a Wish List of Features

Again, before you get too caught up in the looks, consider how you will most likely use the pool. Is it intended for family fun, entertaining adult friends, or exercising? You may just want the effect of a trickling water feature and the glint of the ripples off your pool to complete the feel of your perfect backyard. This is where you can start investigating pool design websites and magazines to get ideas and inspiration!

Is your family the high-energy active type? Maybe you should consider the space and depth required to install a slide or diving board. Are you more about relaxation? Look into pool designs with a walk-in or shallow portion where you can set up an umbrella and chairs in a few inches of water.

Don’t Forget the Hot Tub!

Extend the usable months of your pool by installing a spa! It’s great to have a pool in Tulsa for when the summers get hot, but with our seasonal fluctuations, a hot tub will let you enjoy your new backyard year-round! Especially if you’re interested in evening entertainment or simply relaxing after a long day at work, a built-in hot tub might be just what you need, complete with jets and bubbles.

Steps and Railings

The position and size of your steps is crucial in the design and usability of your pool. Consider both function and safety, especially if your pool will be serving younger or elderly family members. Having a wide non-slip surface for steps is a must for safety. You can even design the steps with a contrasting color from the bottom of the pool, so that they are clearly visible. Safety precautions don’t have to be an eyesore either, decorative handrails and hardware can make a design statement as well as provide useful functionality.

Consider Irregular Spaces

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Dramatic curves can make a big design statement and can also help your new pool fit into a small or complicated yard layout. Use the natural landscaping around the pool to balance out an irregular shape and create symmetry. Curved pools can create an amazing effect and can even become more of an oasis that blends into the garden.

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