How Can Oklahoma Landscape Help You Have the Perfect Summer Staycation?

How Can Oklahoma Landscape Help You Have the Perfect Summer Staycation?

tulsa outdoor environmentsAre you ready? Summer is on its way. Even before spring arrives, many Tulsa homeowners are planning now for summer. Many are planning their vacations, but some may be planning their “staycations” and home improvement projects. That begs the questions: Why a staycation? And what can Oklahoma Landscape do to give you the perfect summer staycation spot?

Staycations became more popular when the economy hit a downturn, but even with the economy on the rise, many have seen the advantages of a staycation. Not only is there the relief from packing and traveling through busy airports, but there are also the obvious financial advantages. Many have decided to invest the money they would have spent on a luxury vacation into creating a luxury retreat right at their home. As an investment, these home retreats add significant property value and curb appeal to the Tulsa home.

But what kind of retreat is possible? Just about anything you could want. That’s where the Tulsa landscaping company Oklahoma Landscape comes in. We can create the one-of-a-kind vacation retreat you’ve always dreamed of, and all in your own backyard. We also provide numerous over landscaping, irrigation, lawn care, drainage, hardscaping, and landscape lighting services.

In the area of Tulsa outdoor environment staycations, we can design and build an outdoor kitchen complete with state-of-the-art outdoor appliances like grills, refrigerators, burners, pizza ovens, sinks, and more. There can be bar seating attached, creating the perfect entertaining spot, along with extra cabinet and storage space so you have all your prep and cooking utensils right at hand. Many have an elegant dining area nearby to bring the entire outdoor living space together.

outdoor fireplaces tulsaCustom outdoor fireplaces and fire pits offer a great way to stay warm during the chilly spring or fall nights while providing a cozy spot for chatting with old friends. Combined with all-weather outdoor sofas, coffee tables, and chairs, these outdoor living areas give Tulsa homeowners all the comforts of the home outside.

tulsa outdoor kitchensRelaxing swimming pools and in-ground spas customized to your home and family needs add the finishing touch to any outdoor environment. Paver patios create the ideal foundation for these stylish outdoor living spaces.

We also offer custom Tulsa hardscaping to build retaining walls, walkways, decks, bridges, and patios that are not only practical but add the design details that make your outdoor environment come together.

Landscaping is at the heart of what we do. We endeavor to bring out all the beauty that nature provides and create living works of art that Tulsa families can enjoy for years to come. The foundation of great landscaping includes keeping your lawn healthy, vibrant, and lush. That’s why we offer a custom 6-step lawn fertilization and weed control program to ensure your lawn has the nutrients it needs to be ready for summer. These fertilization and weed control programs are beginning now as the grass prepares for spring growth. Overseeding and aeration are also important aspects of turf care.

Oklahoma Landscape also offers commercial and residential Tulsa lawn maintenance to relieve business and homeowners of the worry and hassle of regular lawn care.

From designing luxury outdoor living spaces to creating custom irrigation and drainage solutions and everything in between, we can deliver all the Tulsa landscape design and build services you need to create the perfect home and the perfect summer staycation spot.

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