Have a Design Plan for Your Tulsa Outdoor Environment

Have a Design Plan for Your Tulsa Outdoor Environment

When creating their Tulsa outdoor environment, many homeowners may start small by buying a patio grill or porch swing. They may add things to their outdoor living space as they find them at garden centers or change things about their landscape as they discover ideas.

While there’s nothing wrong with starting small and finding new things to add to a garden, without a particular design style or theme in mind for the landscape, a backyard could become a jumble of mixed-matched items and styles. This could possibly leave the homeowner feeling a little disheveled, like something was always missing in their outdoor space, and then they’re on an endless search for what will complete their landscape.

Having a specific design style in mind when creating an outdoor environment will help to keep your landscaping projects focused and make your landscape a work of art. You can have a theme for your outdoor environment such as Tuscan, Mediterranean, or Asian-inspired. Choosing one of these themes not only will help you to have a more cohesive look, but will give you direction and purpose in your landscaping.

fire pits tulsaIt’s good to even put your landscape design ideas down on paper. This will help you carefully plan out where to plant trees and shrubs, how best to divide your space, and help you foresee any complications to your landscape plan. To help conserve water and maintenance, try to group foliage together by their watering and sunlight needs. Also, try to plan for the future in deciding where to plant foliage by determining how big trees and plants will grow when they mature. Will they block a window, or will their root systems have to fight other plants’ roots for nutrients as they grow?

Determining how you will most often use your Tulsa outdoor environment will help you to better utilize the space you have. You may not be able to include every outdoor amenity in your space, so by drawing or writing out your plan, you can better see the amount of available space and prioritize what you’ll include accordingly. Do you want an outdoor kitchen space or a fire pit ? Would you like to have an outdoor dining area? Is a swimming pool a must? Knowing what you must have in your outdoor living space will help you know where to start when you begin building.

Professional Tulsa landscape architects can help you to design and build your entire outdoor environment and can assist you in choosing a theme that will best complement the architecture of your home and how you want to utilize your outdoor space. These professionals also understand how to use retaining walls and other hardscapes to prevent erosion and how to effectively divide your outdoor space into “rooms” that mimic all the comforts of home.

So before you dive into renovating your backyard this spring, think about how you want to use your space and carefully design a landscape plan and theme that will create a one-of-a-kind outdoor oasis.

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