French Country Curb Appeal

When you’re building a house as grand as this one, it’s vital that the exterior landscaping is just as attractive as the house itself.

Jack Arnold designed this build in the French country style. They came to us to ensure that their outdoor spaces matched the beauty of their house.

First, the lawn
Since the lot already had a lot of mature trees, we went with fescue for the lawn cover, as fescue is a grass that works very well in shady yards. You can see from the image at the top of the post how lush and consistent in color it is, even with so much tree cover.

We also installed a sprinkler system to keep the whole area looking good, no matter what the weather’s doing.

Second, the stonework
We used local limestone for all the stonework, including the walls, the stone paths, and the stone water feature greeting you at the front door. Not only do we want the outdoor spaces to look striking, but we want to keep as much of our business in the Tulsa area as possible.

Finally, the plants
Then, of course, there are the plants. We planted redbud and dogwood along the driveway, two trees native to Oklahoma that look absolutely gorgeous when they’re budding. After that, we added shade-loving ferns, hosta, azaleas, yews, and laurels.

We chose phlox fuscia for pops of color among the stones, as well as yellow moneywort and dwarf mondo. For ground cover, we used vinca and pachysandra.

And finally, we planted a wisteria vine over the pool.

Finishing the perfect landscape
Our passion is creating outdoor spaces that meet our clients’ dreams, whether they’re looking for eye-catching curb appeal or a tranquil backyard retreat. If you’ve got an outdoor area you want to build into something beautiful, contact Oklahoma Landscape at 918-299-LAWN.

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