Elegant Entertainment Tips for Tulsa Outdoor Living

Oklahoma Landscape’s outdoor design specialists are here to help you create your dream backyard, but what you do with it is up to you! We’ll help you strike the right balance of space for cooking, seating, relaxing by the fire, and lounging by the pool. Everything we do will blend seamlessly into your indoor areas and existing construction, letting you truly expand your living space. Once we’re done, we know you will be excited to entertain, so check out these tips to help make your next elegant event the pinnacle of Tulsa outdoor living.

Set the Tone with Invitations

If you’re ready to host an elegant party, why not go all the way and make the event truly memorable? Set the tone before your guests ever arrive with decorative invitations. The right invitation adds a great personal touch and shows your guests that they are a key part in making your evening special! If you’re not quite the crafty type, there are lots of online resources to help you out, including a variety of graphic artists on Etsy.com who can personalize custom template cards and invitations for a reasonable fee.

Keep the Food Coming

Especially for extended evening entertainment or a come-and-go type affair, it’s often a good idea to provide heavy hours devours or finger foods instead of a full meal. These small bites can keep your guests satisfied longer and can be fun and easy to make. Plus, a full plate and silverware setup can keep guests tied down. With a small plate of finger foods, your guests can easily move about and keep socializing with different people in different areas of your outdoor living space.

Prepare a few trays of chilled finger foods before your event, and then head to your outdoor kitchen to provide your guests with some savory treats hot off the grill during your party. Meat and vegetable kabobs are always a favorite when it comes to bite-sized morsels that can be easy to prepare and quite elegant. Remember to incorporate some variety in your spread as well. Spicy meats pair excellently with savory grilled vegetables and fresh fruit like tangy pineapple. Of course, to wrap it all up, you will want an assortment of simple bite-sized sweets!

Let the Libations Flow

It’s a good thing that plate of hours devours is manageable with just one hand, because your guests are going to need the other hand for a refreshing drink! Before you settle for the usual off-the shelf tea, wine, or lemonade, look up a few creative beverage recipes to create a memorable signature drink. Experiment with a few of these summer cocktail recipes from Savour or check out 12 Easy Lemonade Variations from Serious Eats for ideas.

To top of your drink table or mini bar, garnish your pitchers or dispensers with decorative labels and put out some elegant glasses. If you’re hesitant to put your grandmothers heirloom glassware out on the patio, consider buying disposable. Many party stores and entertainment isles now stock a variety of convincing decorative stemmed cups that are actually plastic-form and function!

Set the Mood With Elegant Outdoor Lighting

If you’re interested in evening entertaining, you will definitely need functional and attractive outdoor lighting. The right fixtures and setup will not only keep your party cooking well into the night, but can add incredible new level of interest to your house, natural landscaping, and outdoor hardscapes. As the sun goes down, you will literally see your outdoor living space in a whole new light.

Even with permanent lighting solutions, consider accenting your Tulsa outdoor living environment with extra candles, string lights, or tiki-torches. A crackling fire pit or outdoor fireplace is also a great way to create an instant social centerpiece.

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