Designing Your Outdoor Space: 5 Best Ideas for 2021

With the Oklahoma cold now retreating and warmth settling in across the state, it’s time to think about the many ways you can improve your prized outdoor space!

With the warm sun shining on the blooming Oklahoma landscapes across Tulsa, we’ve built a list of the top 5 outdoor projects for 2021 to make your backyard the safe haven you have always wanted.

Fire Pits – The Multi-Season Gathering Spot

For warmth, family gatherings, and outdoor cooking, a fire pit is a must have. And this design element never goes out of style. Adding a fireplace or a fire pit to your outdoor space is an excellent and easy way to increase the usability of your outdoor living space.

It makes a solid centerpiece to for family and friends to huddle around, and it allows you to enjoy those chilly days just a little bit longer. Nothing beats enjoying a gorgeous outdoor fireplace after a long day!

Pools – Family Fun For The Win

Adding a pool to your home can be beneficial in many ways. HGTV reports that the average inground pool can raise the value of your home by 5 – 8 percent, and provides a bonus feature should you decide to sell.

For families with kids or grandkids, a pool provides a terrific source of family time and entertainment. And there’s nothing like taking a dip on a hot day to unwind and get some easy exercise.

In fact, swimming is a superior way to work your entire body and get your heart pumping. Just one hour of swimming can burn some serious calories – almost as much as running! – without any negative effects on your joints and bones.

Outdoor Kitchens – Eat Out…Side!

With spring firmly here (and summer on the way), it’s the perfect time to set up an outdoor kitchen for cooking, grilling, and intimate gatherings. An outdoor kitchen gives you far more options than just a grill, and it really makes a statement in your backyard.

Pavers – Making Spaces in the Green

Pavers are a great way of adding a unique flare to your outdoor living space. Pavers give you the ability to add highlights to your lawn, or garden, allowing you to build a long-lasting design into your yard that helps make your home truly yours.

Retainer Walls – Divide & Conquer

Want to make your yard pop? Add a retainer wall! Cleanly separate the different aspects of your yard by adding retainer walls to increase the contrast in elevation changes. Like many of these other projects, retainer walls increase the value of your home, and they provide an interesting design element to your outdoor spaces.

Start Your Outdoor Projects Today

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