Designing the Perfect Pool for Your Tulsa Outdoor Living Space

pool design tulsaSome may feel that they would need a huge backyard area to ever build a swimming pool, but actually that doesn’t have to be the case. Tulsa pool builders like Oklahoma Landscape can design a custom pool to fit perfectly in a variety of landscape areas. Using a few well-planned landscape design elements, you can have a pool that will look great and be functional in even smaller outdoor spaces.

How can design elements help you make the most of the space in your backyard?

Custom Tulsa pool design. The beauty of custom-designed pools is that not only do you have a unique pool designed specifically for your family and the architecture of your home, but your pool can also be designed to fit your specific backyard space. This custom designed can open up new possibilities for landscapes that might not fit a standard size pool. Landscape architects can tailor the pool size to be proportional to the size of your outdoor environment so that it doesn’t overwhelm your outdoor space, but perfectly complements it.

Build a pool close to other outdoor structures. You can maximize space in a smaller landscape by building the pool closer to the home or another outdoor structure such as a fence. Not only are there spacing benefits by building a pool closer to the home, but this can also allow you to more easily supervise children as well as cook and entertain guests with an easier transition from inside to outside. Pool designers can create a pool that will aesthetically match the look and feel of your home.

pool builders tulsaUse interesting design elements. Including native plants, rock accents, and shrubs around the pool or even integrating a rock waterfall or vanishing edge in the pool design can help to blend the pool with the rest of the outdoor environment. Also using materials with different but complementing textures and shapes can help the pool area seamlessly integrate with the home and landscape. A retaining wall is a practical landscape design element that can help to level out uneven landscapes as well as provide aesthetic interest and cohesion to the outdoor space.

Built-in outdoor living features. A swim-up poolside bar creates an easily connection between the pool and an outdoor kitchen. Built-in seating areas around a nearby fire pit help to consolidate space while offering interesting and unique aesthetic designs. These and other multi-purpose landscape design elements allow homeowners to create functional and engaging outdoor living spaces in even smaller landscapes.

With custom landscape design touches, the Tulsa pool designers at Oklahoma Landscape can help you transform your backyard into the outdoor environment of your dreams.

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