Create a Stunning Backyard with Tulsa Landscape Lighting

Why just enjoy your backyard during the day? Landscape lighting for your Tulsa outdoor environment can create an enchanting area to entertain or relax in day or night. Here are some Tulsa landscape lighting ideas to get you started.

landscape lightingFirst, decide what you want your outdoor lighting to accomplish. That might sound simple… just create more light for nighttime usage, right? Well, to have an effective Tulsa outdoor lighting arrangement, you’ll want to consider various areas of your backyard and what lighting effects are needed for them or what aspects of your landscape you want to emphasize.

For instance, do you need pathway lighting to help guests safely navigate to the backyard? Does your deck or patio need accent lighting to outline the area? Do you want to showcase a focal point in your landscape like a fountain, pond, or statue? What tone or mood do you want your lighting to create for your entire outdoor living space?

Each of these different facets of your landscape can be conveyed with different types of lighting or different lighting arrangements. Focal points like a statue or fountain may need a spotlight. Pathway lighting will of course require several smaller lights arranged in a row.

Accent lighting needs to be designed so that it highlights but doesn’t overshadow the outdoor living space. This requires a balance of light between the landscape, various hardscape features, and the home itself. Pathway lighting can easily be overdone and begin to look like a runway, so lighting placement is key.

Tulsa landscape lighting also needs to work well with natural or man-made changes that could happen to the landscape over the course of time like growth of foliage, hardscape additions, and seasonal changes. Outdoor lighting can look very different and out-of-place when these things start to occur if changes were not accounted for in the initial lighting design.

Low voltage lighting can be used, for instance to outline pathways, that is safe, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly.

For more outdoor lighting design tips, call the Tulsa landscape lighting specialists at Oklahoma Landscape. Our outdoor lighting architects can help you get the right tone and style for your particular landscape and home architecture, creating a custom outdoor lighting system that will help you “find yourself outside” and enjoy your outdoor living space both during the day and at night.

We came across some very nice, well-balanced lighting designs as can be seen in these photos from our fellow lighting designers. The first photo is from London-based designers My Landscapes. The second photo is via Portland, Oregon designers: Beautiful Bones and Purple Stones.

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