Backyard Life: Grow Your Own Salsa Garden!

My Great Uncle Roy was a farmer in Kansas most of his life. He was an army veteran, a father, and a great husband to my Great Aunt Opal. As a farmer, my uncle stood by one truism that I will never forget: Don’t plant tomatoes until after tax day.

While this phrase may seem strange at first, consider the weather. After April 15th in Kansas, (and in Oklahoma, for those of us here), it is very unlikely there will be another freeze. So, sticking to my uncle’s wisdom, now is the perfect time to plant your tomatoes and other vegetables for an amazing salsa garden!

What you’ll need:

Small Salsa Garden (Potted Plant Option):

1 Tomato Plant
2 Cilantro Plants
3-6 Onion Bulbs, give or take
1 Jalapeno Plant
5 Garlic Bulbs
2-3 Large Clay Pots

The Small Salsa Garden option is great for people who want to grow their salsa garden on their porch. Using 2 to 3 large clay pots, put the tomato plant in one pot, and then place the cilantro, onion bulbs, jalapeno plants and 5 garlic bulbs in one to two others. Using 2 pots versus three depends on the size of the clay pots that you use. Use a good fertilizer and water these plants regularly according to their watering needs.

For a good visual, watch the Better Homes & Gardens Salsa Garden Video.

Large Salsa Garden (4×4 Garden Box Option):

2-3 Tomato Plants
4 Cilantro Plants
20 Onion Bulbs
2 Jalapeno Plants
10-15 Garlic Bulbs
4×4 Wooden Plant Box

The Large Salsa Garden option is great for people who want to grow more plants and who have a bigger garden space. Fill up a 4 foot by 4 foot wooden plant box with good fertilizer. In sections, plant 2 to 3 tomato plants, 4 cilantro plants, 20 onion bulbs, 2 jalapeno plants, and 10 to 15 garlic bulbs. Water all plants regularly according to their watering needs.

Check out this Pinterest Board on planting a salsa garden for more ideas!

In no time, you’ll have an excellent salsa garden for you and your family to enjoy! For more ideas on gardens and landscaping, check out the Oklahoma Landscape Facebook page!

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