5 Tips to Get your Sprinkler System Ready for Winter

For the majority of homeowners living in Oklahoma, extreme frosts are rare. However, this does not mean that gardens do not suffer during the coldest months of the year. Harsh conditions often lead to a need for reliable sprinkler repair in Tulsa and across the rest of the state.

However, even better than needing to call in a specialist for sprinkler repair in Tulsa, is taking the steps to prepare your irrigation system for winter. In most cases, prevention is better than cure, so take the health of your sprinkler system seriously this year.

These handy tips and tricks will help you winterize your sprinkler system before temperatures start to drop.

  1. Switch Off the Water Supply

The first step is to completely close off the flow of water to the outdoor sprinkler system. This is the only sure fire way to make sure that the shut off valve does not freeze and become inoperable. You are advised to protect it all the way round with a robust insulating material (foam insulation tape is a good choice). This will safeguard the shut off valve once the temperatures begin to fall.

  1. Deal with Repairs Quickly

If you want your sprinkler system to live out the winter, it needs to be in a good condition before you set it to hibernate. In other words, if there are problems with the system before winter arrives, the cold weather is likely to exacerbate them – this is why top quality sprinkler repair in Tulsa is so important. To find reliable sprinkler repair in Tulsa, search online for companies in your area and then browse the reviews and testimonials to pinpoint the best one.

  1. Insulate Vulnerable Components

If your sprinkler system lacks a primary shut off valve, it could be time to think about having one fitted – preferably, before the winter arrives. You should find that here at Oklahoma Landscape, we offer sprinkler repair in Tulsa and we will also be able to help you with fitting a primary valve. If there is any over ground pipe work connecting to the sprinkler system, it should also be carefully insulated and protected.

  1. Turn Off Automated Timers

For automatic sprinkler systems, it is a good idea to switch off the timer function just before winter arrives. In fact, an awful lot of modern sprinkler systems now come with a special ‘winter’ or ‘cold weather’ mode, which switches off the automatic link to the valves, but retains the programming data needed to get the system back up and running again quickly. If you do not have a ‘cold weather’ mode, the data will need to be reset after the timer has been brought back online.

  1. Regain Control of the System

If the timer is also connected to a pump regulation schedule, it is better to be safe than sorry and temporarily take out any wires which are linked to the primary valve and the common terminals. This guarantees that the pump cannot switch itself on, unintentionally or otherwise, and bring any harm to the system as a result of overheating.

Following these 5 simple steps should have your sprinkler system ready for winter in no time.

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