Splash Pads! Swimming Pool Alternatives for Tulsa Kids

As Tulsa pool builders, we love to design and build swimming pools for Tulsa residents to enjoy. But if you’re looking to create a great summer play area for the kids without the investment of a pool, splash pads may be the way to go. You may have been to a splash pad at a local Tulsa park, but these cool outdoor environments can be built right in your own backyard.

Splash Pad by Marcos CruzThe Landscaping Network discussed in an article how these residential splash pads have been steadily been gaining popularity.

Splash Pad by Marcos Cruz

“If you want to save money, don’t have the space for a pool, or are looking for a safe way to stay cool, a splash pad is for you,” the article noted.

Ryan Werlich, representative of Rain Deck, a company that makes splash pad kits, indicated that splash pads are very versatile serving as a fun area for kids during the day, a great landscaping water feature, a fun area for dogs to play, and even a patio area when they’re not in use.

These fun areas can be smaller than 100 square feet, Werlich noted, or as large as you want.

“A splash pad can be right next to the side of a building, making them a good option for side yards,” Landscaping Network reported. “Splash pads may also be installed as pool tie-ins when building a new pool.”

So if you’re thinking of building a swimming pool, consider also adding a splash pool!

As the article brought out, there are a variety of options available in splash pad building materials including stamped and stained concrete, rubber surfacing, pavers, flagstone, slate, broom finish and salt finish concrete, and many more.

S.R. Smith WetDeck from Pool Supply WorldThus, not only are these splash pads fun for the kids, but they can also be built to complement the architecture of your home and other Tulsa outdoor environment elements.

S.R. Smith WetDeck from Pool Supply World

A blog post on apartmenttherapy.com featured a backyard super splash pad for a family with four children built from non-slippery Travertine tiles. The mother noted that they wanted something that looked mature but was also very child-friendly. She said it’s something their whole family enjoys in the hot Florida sun. Pictured above, this residential splash deck has a sophisticated design and yet is also kid-friendly. Keeping the design modern and simple like this one is provides a water feature that will not look too childish, but one that will coordinate with any luxury residential space.

So these fun outdoor living spaces can be the perfect addition to your outdoor environment, especially if you’re worried about space for a pool or the cost.

As experts in Tulsa pool design, our landscape contractors can design and build the ideal splash pad for your family and your landscape. We can create an entire outdoor living space for your family to “find themselves outside” this summer!

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