Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Tulsa Outdoor Living Space

Are you thinking of building an outdoor living space for your Tulsa home? These outdoor additions are a great way to create more “livable” space for your home, increase your property value, and provide the perfect spot for entertaining friends and family or just relaxing on the weekends. But before you get started on the […]


Give Your Tulsa Outdoor Living Space a Makeover for Summer

You may not be thinking of spending much time outdoors in the freezing winter weather, but what a better way to spend the winter than planning your backyard makeover ideas for next summer? Now is a great time to think about all the things you would like to do in your Tulsa outdoor living space […]


Ways to Spruce Up Your Tulsa Patio & Outdoor Living Space

Does your Tulsa patio need a makeover? Whether you want to just spruce up your patio a little or totally renovate your outdoor living space, we have some great ideas for transforming your outdoor environment. Outdoor seating. Of course, to have a functional entertaining space, you definitely need adequate seating for your guests, and there […]


Tulsa Landscape Design – Ideas for Landscaping Slopes

Do you have a slope in your landscape that you just don’t quite know what to do with? Numerous Tulsa residents find themselves with this type of landscape design problem because so many Tulsa homes were built on the area’s beautiful hillsides. These steep hillside slopes can be rather tricky to garden, but it’s important […]


Curb Appeal Principles for Selling Your Tulsa Home

You’re ready to sell your house… just put a “For sale” sign out front, right? Well, first you may want to make sure your home has good curb appeal. Why? Because first impressions can make or break your sell. “If people drive by your home and are not impressed, they’re not going to walk inside,” […]

How Can Oklahoma Landscape Help You Have the Perfect Summer Staycation?

How Can Oklahoma Landscape Help You Have the Perfect Summer Staycation?

Are you ready? Summer is on its way. Even before spring arrives, many Tulsa homeowners are planning now for summer. Many are planning their vacations, but some may be planning their “staycations” and home improvement projects. That begs the questions: Why a staycation? And what can Oklahoma Landscape do to give you the perfect summer […]

Walkways and Paths – Highlight Your Tulsa Landscape with Charming Hardscapes

Walkways and Paths – Highlight Your Tulsa Landscape with Charming Hardscapes

At Oklahoma Landscape, we love adding beauty and charm to an outdoor space. Walkways and paths are ideal for creating this kind of unique and yet simple character. They can enliven just about any landscape. Walkways and paths provide the little details that showcase the beauty of your Tulsa outdoor space. These Tulsa hardscapes provide […]

Give Your Tulsa Landscape an Updated Look

Give Your Tulsa Landscape an Updated Look

Is your landscape looking a little dated or lackluster? We know it’s important to maintain and make improvements to our homes, but what about our Tulsa landscapes? Actually, outdated or ill-designed landscaping can make your home look dated as well. On the other hand, polished Tulsa landscape design can be a cost effective way to […]